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Sporran, Hunting Style, Celtic Dog Tooling

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This is an Heirloom quality Hunting Style Sporran. The Cletic Dog Design is hand Hand tooled and highlighted with hand painting. The sporran is 9.5" long and tapers from 7" wide at the cantle opening to 8.5" wide at the bottom.  

The cantle and belt are made of Vegi Tanned, hand dyed cowhide and the inside of the sporran is lined. The front of the sporran body consists of Hair On Cowhide, the back is of hand dyed cowhide and the gusset is made from factory dyed cowhide.The closure is made from shed Deer antler. The front cantle, as well as the entire back of the sporran are hand braided leather lace in the double loop style. The hand cut tassels have been embellished with Turks Head knots.

This sporran comes complete with its own matching hand cut sporran belt, which  can be finished to any length from 67" or less. The belt was hand dyed, hand sewn and is finished off with antiqued brass hardware.. There is a fixed belt keeper close to the buckle, as well as a free floating belt keeper that is adjustable. 

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