Custom Product Requests

From time to time I have been asked if I do custom work, what follows are my custom order guidelines.

I have worked for over 40 years bringing other peoples ideas to life, it's my turn now. In other words, I may be interested in collaborating on a project with all design control and decisions remaining with me, if the project interests me.

If you want something similar to the products I have displayed, but in a different size or color, there will be a fee of $50.00, possibly more, depending on your requirements. In this case I retain the right to decide if the changes you are looking for are minor or if your changes constitute a significant redesign of a product.

You must let me know before the piece is started if you have any special requirements, for example, if  you want the sporran belt loop big enough to fit over your belt buckle.

If you want to completely design a piece yourself but need somebody else with the skill and resources to make it, I'm not that guy. If you have an idea, you like my work, and your idea interests me, I would love to design something for you. In this case I would create a design for your approval based on your idea. This will cost, up front, a non-refundable design fee, of a minimum of $150, possibly more depending on the complexity of your idea. This fee pays for my time turning your idea into a workable pattern.

If you approve of my design and we agree on a  final price, the $150 design fee would be applied to the final cost of the project. Again, if we don't come to an agreement and we don't move forward with the project, the $150.00 design fee is non refundable, and I keep all drawings, sketches, photos, patterns and any other related materials used in the designing of the piece. In all cases, I retain all rights to any patterns and designs I create and all control on any future production of products made from those patterns and all designs remain the property of Moncrieff Leathers.