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“ Kerry is a pleasure to deal with: Responds quickly and shipped the item to Scotland in double quick time, well packed for transit. The sporran is made from choice materials and is beautifully hand crafted and hand sewn. No gripes with this bag at all. Kerry's work is second to none, on a different plane. Don't waste money buying the usual stereotypical rubbish at exorbitant prices from the big names in Highland wear; buy something different and original from Moncrieff Leathers.“

~ Jonathon F., Scotland

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Groam House Museum Event!

Groam House Museum kindly invited me to participate in this event! A recording of this event is now available online.

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Shipping Update


If you get any message that any item you wish to order does not ship to your address, please send me an emial and I will promtly address the issue. There are a few ways for me to send an invoice directly to you.

Shipping is included in the item's price to all addresses in the Untied States and Canada via USPS First Class mail.  Priority shipping to the US & Canada is a flat $10.00. There is a shipping credit for Shipments to Europe, please email me for details.


The story of Moncrieff Leathers

I have always been greatly interested in the history of my definitively Scottish family name, as well as the history of Scotland. Several years back, just before Christmas, I decided to buy a kilt. As many "Kilties" will tell you that your first kilt leads to the slippery slope of kilt and kilt accessory acquisition. I wanted a casual day-wear sporran, but couldn't find one to suit me. Having made stuff since I was 6 and having earned a degree in Fine Art, I thought "Why not make my own?". Jump ahead 15 years and several sporrans later. Recently I retired from my day job, and I can now spend my days designing and making yet more sporrans, as well as cell phone cases, key rings and, most recently, purses. I am continually striving to make the heirloom quality leather goods that will stand the test of time.

Looking at the other leather work available, I see great things being made and not so great things being made. If you examine my work, I think you will see that it exemplifies the level of detail and craftsmanship that you expect in finely crafted leather work. I am greatly influenced by designs of the past, yet I strive to make each piece, that is produced by hand, represent my own unique vision. I also consider the utility that is required by daily life and try to insure that each piece is functional appropriate for modern life. There are some exceptions for those customers who are looking for the more traditional and historical in function and appearance. This reflects my own mindset of having one foot in the present and one foot in the past.

It's the details! When I look at some of the other leather work out there, I see things that make me cringe, such as unfinished edges, sloppy stitching, stress points that are not reinforced, poor color choices and goofy designs. I am very quality driven, and I work hard to insure that my leather goods stand the test of time. To that end I believe that the durability of my leather work is in the details, the quality materials, the timeless designs, the structure and construction, all combine to produce a product that will last and endure the test of time. I am constantly researching and studying new or better ways to create and improve my leather work because I believe my work can always be better.

You can be assured that all finished products are hand made by me, with the indispensable help of my loving wife Diana. I also look for, have found, and often incorporate original hand made hardware and metal embellishments created by other craftspeople who share a similar artistic vision and who are inspired by similar historical influences. I thrive on this artistic collaboration, I believe it contributes to the uniqueness of my leather work.

I was very honored when a couple who purchased one of my sporrans told me it would be the future grooms "wedding" sporran, and when they received it said they would cherish it forever. What greater compliment could there be?

I am pleased to announce that in December, 2016, I was recognized by the State of Indiana as an Indiana Artisan!

Thanks for taking to the time to look at my leather work!

Kerry Moncrieff