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Sporran #23, Semi-Dress Cowhide (A)

Regular price $295.00

This an heirloom quality Semi-Dress sporran is 8 ½” tall and 7 ½” wide, with an approximately 2" gusset. It is made from hair-on cowhide, 4 oz. veggie-tanned/hand dyed leather, factory/hand dyed 3 oz.leather, and lined on the inside front and back with 2 oz. goatskin leather. It is continuously hand braided all way round the back and front flap. All hardware is factory fabricated antiqued brass metal. The sporran is wholly made by me. The sporran belt is 52" total in length, but can shortened if necessary, or, a longer belt can be made if required (approximately a 2 week wait), at no additional cost.

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