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Black Baldric Guitar/Mandolin Strap

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Inspired by our 18th Century Sword Baldrics, we offer our Baldric styled Guitar Strap. This Guitar Strap is adjustable from 56" and up, yes it is a on the longer side, ideal for electric Guitars or Bass Guitars, but can be used with Acoustic Guitars. Made from 4 oz. Hand Dyed veggie tanned cowhide, and is lined with 3 oz. Black soft cowhide. The total thickness of this guitar strap is 3/16" and it is 2.5" wide. Adjustments can be made by both the buckle back strap and via the thin head end strap. the measurements of the 3 separate pieces are as follows:

Buckle strap, with 18th Century Period style buckle: 26.24"
Mid strap: 24.5"
Thin Head end strap: 27"

If you would like to have a shorter version made, please send you length requirements via email to:

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