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Sporran #15, Engraved Daywear Style

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This is an heirloom quality Daywear styled sporran, is hand cut, laced, hand stitched and is made of 4oz. Black Cowhide and 3-4oz. calf skin and has a pouch that is 9 3/4" " long and 8” wide. The front flap's Celtic Dog design is pyrograved by hand, by me.The gusset expands to 2” wide, but lays flat to a width of 3/4" when empty. The sporran belt strap can be finished to a maxim length 52", or I can make it shorter or I can make a longer belt if you require. The belt buckle is a historical reporduction made by an artisan in the US. It has a button fashioned from naturally shed deer antler and tassels made of braided leather. All pieces are hand cut and all are hand laced and stitched by me. Please see pictures for details.

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