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Jacobite Baldric 18th Century, Dark Brown, for Basket Hilt & Backswords, ECW

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Looking for a more period appropriate Baldric? Not easy to find are they? This is our second offering of our version of the Baldric for the Basket hilt or Backsword, this time we have made a single pocket to hold your scabbard. This Baldric  is made of a thick 4-5 oz veggie tanned cowhide (a bit lighter leather than our previous baldrics) which has been hand cut, hand dyed and manually hand sewn. It is dyed dark brown. It is entirely hand sewn to avoid using any metal rivets. The only metal being the Reproduction 18th Century brass 1 prong buckle. The Baldric has 7 sets of holes for various lengths to create the drop you desire, insuring that the hilt of your sword rests where it is most comfortable for you. I can add more sets of holes if you require them. There are 2  belt keepers (thanks to the suggestion of our first baldric customer!), one fixed and one free sliding, which holds the excess belt in place, so that you can were the baldric where it is most comfortable for you. There is a hole just above the scabbard pocket to accommodate a scabbard clip (see pictures). 

Left handed versions available upon request at no extra charge. We also can make these in black or light brown/tan. We can also add Tooled Celtic embellishments for an additional fee.   

These baldrics are bespoke, and are built with the variations you choose when your order is placed. All orders are built first come first served.

Build time is approximately 2 weeks. Message me for a more specific time estimate (wait time dependent on the number of orders currently I process).

This Baldric is appropriate for Jacobites, English Civil War, Seven Years War, Pirates, Fantasy, Renaissance, LARP, etc. 

Let me know if you have any questions by using the Green & White Chat button at the lower right hand corner of this page!


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