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Sporran Black, Rustic Rob Roy Style w/Celtic Tree of Life Concho

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This sporran incorporates an Celtic Tree of Life conch. It can be worn as a sporran with your kilt or as a belt bag with your Viking or Squire ensemble. This quality hand cut, hand stitched and hand braided Sporran is made of 2-3 oz. black leather, a hand dyed veggie tanned 2-3 oz. belt loop and hand dyed Cowhide flap with hand lacing. It has a pouch that is approximately 8 " long  from top of bag to bottom of bag and is 8"  wide. The narroew sporran belt loop will accommodate up to a 2.5" wide kilt belt (not  included). It has  drawstring tassels embellished with Turkshead knots.

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