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Sporran/Belt Bag Brown Rustic Rob Roy Style, Belt Pouch

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This18th Century style Sporran/Belt Bag is perfect for your reenactment needs. This sporran is hand sewn* and hand braided. No metal is present in this high quality Rustic Brown  Rob Roy style sporran.    

This quality hand made Sporran is made of 3oz. factory dyed oil tanned cow hide, and a hand dyed veggie tanned 3-4 oz. belt loop which will accommodate up to a 3" belt. The Soft & pliable Cowhide flap is hand laced and lined with deerskin. It has a pouch that is approximately 9" long and an 8" wide.  The sporran is finished with hand cut and shaped shed Deer Antler toggle and embellishments.  

Any items not in stock can be replicated, roughly 2-3 weeks lead time on most items.

*All interior seams are hand sewn on a sewing machine. See my blog "What does Handmade Actually Mean, and Why Should You Care?"

If you would like a larger version of this sporran, please PM me,

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