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Sporran Tan & Brown Rob Roy Style

Regular price $175.00

Summer is here and it's Fair Season! Whether you're off to the Highland Games, the Ren Faire, or to your favorite Viking reenactment, this Sporran is the perfect casual kilt accessory. It can be worn as a sporran with your kilt or as a belt bag with your Viking or Squire ensemble. This quality hand cut, sewn and stitched Sporran is made of 3-4 oz. tan factory dyed Deer skin pouch, a hand dyed veggie tanned 3-4 oz. belt loop and Cowhide flap with hand lacing. It has a pouch that is approximately 8 " long and an 8” wide, and the gusset is 2” wide. The sporran belt loop will accommodate up to a 3" wide kilt belt . It has shed Deer Antler toggle and embellishments.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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