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Viking/Dwarven Belt Pouch, Sporran, Huginn & Muginn Tooled Flap #3

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This bag is inspired by tales of Viking myth and Dwarven Heroes. The hand tooled inscription perfectly embodies the wanderings of any  adventurer, "There and back again". The inscription also describes the daily flights of the Odin's two ravens, Huginn & Muginn. 

The body of this bag is approximately 7.5" tall and 7.5" wide, as it tapers top to bottom. The gusset is 2" wide when fully extended, easily accommodating all your accouterments necessary for your daily adventurers. Bag is pictured with an iPhone 14 in an Otterbox case (phone not included).

The flap is hand tooled with my two favorite ravens, Huginn & Muginn. The front of the body of the bag has also been hand tooled with "There and back again" in Dwarven Runes (transliterated). The flap, front and back of the bag are made from hand cut and dyed Veggitan leather, and hand finished with a professional leather conditioner for water resistance. The belt loop is 1.75" wide and will fit up to a 1.75" belt. The bag is hand braided front, back and flap. A hand cut and finished Deer antler tip secures the flap of the bag.     

The original designs on this piece are copyright of Moncrieff Leathers.

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